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Month Ahead Forecast


Mostly fine with long sunny spells. Cloud thickening later.

Today: Any local mist or fog patches soon lifting. A largely fine day follows with long sunny spells, perhaps unbroken for much of the day. From late afternoon onwards, winds will strengthen a little, with thickening cloud spreading south. Maximum Temperature 9C.

Tonight: Strong gusty winds, especially along the north coast. Most parts cloudy, although a few isolated clearer spells are possible. Staying dry. Minimum Temperature 7C.

Saturday: Dry, but generally cloudy and windy morning. Winds easing through the afternoon, with a band of mostly light rain moving southeast. This clearing south by the evening. Clearer conditions follow. Maximum Temperature 13C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Cold, frosty start Sunday, then sunny spells before cloud thickens later. Rain and strong winds likely overnight. Cold, breezy with sunny spells Monday. Windy with rain Tuesday. Turning milder.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 1 Feb 2022 to Thursday 10 Feb 2022: Cloud and outbreaks of rain are likely in the northwest initially on Tuesday, spreading across the UK throughout the day, with temperatures near normal. The north/south divide will continue through Wednesday and Thursday, likely wet and windy in northern areas, and drier conditions in the south, with temperatures remaining mild. Wintry showers possible over high ground in Scotland. Moving further into February, the largely settled and cloudy weather is likely to remain for most, with some rain and strong winds in the far northwest at times. Overall, temperatures are likely to be near or milder than average through this period, although some brief colder than average spells are possible, likely to be restricted to northern areas.

UK Outlook for Friday 11 Feb 2022 to Friday 25 Feb 2022: The current north-south split to the weather is likely to continue from mid-February and through to the second half of the month, with most seeing drier than average conditions. The northwest of the UK is likely to see some rain and strong winds at times. During this period, temperatures are likely to remain milder than average overall, with brief colder incursions possible in the north.

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