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Dry and bright start. Heavy, thundery rain arriving in afternoon.

Today: Dry, bright start. Some sunshine in south. Afternoon rain arriving from the west and turning heavy and thundery. Torrential downpours likely in evening, with possible disruption towards dusk, especially in north. Some southern areas might remain drier. Feeling warmer here. Maximum Temperature 20C.

Tonight: A cloudy and wet start to Monday night is likely for most, before a clearance arrives from the west later in the night. Strong gusty winds developing, mainly near coasts. Minimum Temperature 11C.

Tuesday: Cloud and rain soon clearing eastwards then fresher through the afternoon with sunshine. Chance of showers, mainly in afternoon. Fine evening following. Temperatures closer to average. Remaining breezy. Maximum Temperature 18C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: A lot of dry weather is likely this coming week with some brightness, but generally rather cloudy with light rain possible. Brightest day probably Friday. Temperatures remaining above average.

UK Outlook for Friday 6 Oct 2023 to Sunday 15 Oct 2023: A split in conditions is likely to develop across the UK early in the period. Further rain is expected in north-western areas, which could turn heavy, particularly over higher, westwards-facing ground and strong winds are also possible in these areas. Southern areas, in contrast, are likely to remain much drier with light winds and some clear spells, which could lead to some overnight patches of mist and fog. Temperatures are likely to be above average for many, especially so in the south where some unusually warm temperatures for October are possible. These temperatures are likely to trend downward toward middle of the month, with the northwest-southeast split also slowly becoming less distinct as the weather becomes generally more changeable.

UK Outlook for Monday 16 Oct 2023 to Monday 30 Oct 2023: There is the potential for a slightly more settled pattern of weather during the second half of October, particularly for north-western regions which have a higher likelihood than normal for some drier spells. However, some more unsettled weather is also possible with south-eastern areas likely see more rainfall than usual for late October. Temperatures in general are expected to remain above average, with some mild nights also likely, though it could feel chilly in any clear and settled overnight conditions, with occasional mist and fog patches and touches of ground frost possible.

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