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Be prepared for your warm coats and de-icer

Isn’t it mild! Double figures widely across the UK, with some bizarrely mild conditions for NE Britain in the brisk west wind. The air dries out after passing over high ground and warms further. Aberdeen was at 15C for part of the night. All change though, it is going to get colder and rightly so. We are coming to the end of November; it will soon be winter. This all feels a bit strange, although good not to have to put the heating on with prices as they are.

There is no need to go all Daily Express and start declaring two feet of snow for London. However, there will be colder air right across the UK by Sunday and then possibly a decent bout of even cold air from the Arctic later next week. Snow showers will accompany this from the north or northwest and the models have been showing little low pressures in the flow which would bring heavier precipitation further south for Britain. There is excitement and plenty of chat but a Greenland High and pure northerly showing on the charts out at day 10 often changes to something less snowy by the time we get to, say, day three.

Anyway, colder still stands, but for those asking, a day off school for snow is unlikely. (They can all do online learning now).

Eastern England has been cooler overnight with clear spells and lighter winds. High pressure is still lurking to the south as the windy low pressure moves away to Scandinavia. It certainly will have shifted many of the leaves off the trees over Scotland.

The high pressure settles today down across the UK although a weak frontal boundary remains over the far north of mainland Scotland with more cloud and rain.

UK temperatures

It will be a quiet, fair and mild Friday. Generally, more cloud in the west, damp for some coasts but brighter with sunshine to the east. The cloud thickens and increases over much of England and Wales although gaps remain overnight for northern England. More mixed for Northern Ireland and Scotland with clear spells in the east but the frontal rain keeps on going. By Saturday morning it begins to shift southwards

UK weather

This cold front introduces the first change to colder air for the UK. Just ahead of it there will still be blustery winds with lee gusts. Behind the winds veer to the northwest and it will feel cooler on Saturday. The frontal rain moves south through Northern Ireland and Scotland and reaches the borders at lunchtime. Southern Britain will have another quiet day, still mild and often grey. The rain will reach north Wales around teatime with clear skies to the north.

SE England could still be at 6C on Sunday morning as the frontal cloud and patchy rain will only just be clearing southern England Scotland will see a frost to start the day inland and there will have been snow showers over the mountains by night. There could be a few wintry showers for exposed areas caught in the flow early on Sunday, icy rain and hail with snow flurries, but the shower activity will be easing.

High pressure will be building in south of Iceland and for most Sunday will be a fine, sunny autumn day with a nip in the air but a noticeable cold north wind. So, air temperatures of 6 or 7C will feel more like 2 or 3C.

De-icier for Monday morning needed

The cold north wind keeps going during Sunday night for eastern and southern Britain but elsewhere there will be frost. Later in the week, with even colder air, there looks to be further bouts of cold north or NW winds and more widespread frost. Snow? NW and northern Scotland look most prone in this flow and are likely to see some snow. Also snow showers for north coast Northern Ireland, north Wales, maybe clipping North Yorkshire coast. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait until nearer the time. Time to find some de-icer. 

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