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Cold but mainly dry with ice and frost.

This Evening and Tonight: A widespread sharp frost will soon form under largely clear skies. Freezing fog patches also likely to develop, leading to a risk of icy surfaces. Light winds. Minimum Temperature -6C.

Saturday: Cold, with freezing fog patches slowly lifting but returning again later, and perhaps lingering all day in one or two places. Otherwise, mostly dry with sunny spells. Maximum Temperature 1C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: A very cold period, especially overnight with widespread frosts and some freezing fog patches. Often sunny, away from any lingering freezing fog patches. Wintry showers at times, predominantly along coasts.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 14 Dec 2022 to Friday 23 Dec 2022: On Wednesday sleet or snow showers likely to continue in parts of the northeast, with the south possibly increasing in cloud cover. Strong winds possible in the south which would make it feel bitterly cold in places. Conditions will likely stay similar further into the period, with wintry showers for many coastal regions. Often dry and cold inland with widespread sharp frosts and patchy freezing fog. A continuation of this pattern is likely for much of this period but with a chance of more unsettled weather spreading from the southwest later. This would see spells of rain, especially in the south, but also the likelihood of snow during the transition. Feeling cold or very cold with temperatures mainly below average, perhaps increasing to nearer average later, especially in the south.

UK Outlook for Saturday 24 Dec 2022 to Saturday 7 Jan 2023: General themes remain uncertain for the rest of the period. Conditions may be widely changeable, with some spells of rain, and at times snow. These expected to be accompanied by strong winds, initially focused in southern parts, but affecting all areas at times. Colder and more settled conditions with occasional wintry showers could continue, particularly in the north. Temperatures gradually returning closer to average towards the end of December and start of January.

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