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Dry with sunny spells today. Very warm or hot.

Today: A fine and dry day, with sunny spells. Feeling very warm or hot, with light winds. Breezy along the coast, where it will feel a little fresher. Maximum Temperature 31C.

Tonight: A fine end to the day, with warm sunny spells for many. Staying dry with clear spells overnight. A warm and humid night too. Light winds. Minimum Temperature 16C.

Saturday: Largely dry, with hazy spells of sunshine. A chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms breaking out in the afternoon. Feeling very warm, locally hot and humid, with light winds. Maximum Temperature 29C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Early thundery showers clearing on Sunday, becoming largely dry and bright. Feeling much fresher. Breezy, with sunny spells and scattered showers Monday. Drier and brighter on Tuesday. Temperatures nearer normal.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 23 Jul 2024 to Thursday 1 Aug 2024: A longer-lived and more widespread spell of dry and sunny weather may develop for a time during the middle part of next week, particularly across southern parts of the UK where conditions may turn very warm for a time. Otherwise, changeable weather patterns similar to those that have dominated July so far, seem likely to continue for the rest of the month. Showers and occasional spells of more persistent rain are likely to affect all regions at times. However, some drier and brighter interludes are also expected, these most likely in southern and eastern regions. The most frequent spells of wet weather are most likely to be across northern and western areas. Temperatures mostly close to average for a time, with any warmer spells generally short-lived.

UK Outlook for Friday 2 Aug 2024 to Friday 16 Aug 2024: Through this period, there remains a slightly increased chance of more settled spells of weather developing at times, particularly in the south. However, there is still a substantial chance of other weather types too, with more changeable periods also likely. Through the period as a whole, drier than average conditions are more likely than wetter than average. Warmer than average conditions are also weakly favoured overall, with a slightly enhanced likelihood of short-lived hot spells.

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