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Month Ahead Forecast


Isolated showers overnight, thunder possible on Friday.

This Evening and Tonight: A mixture of variable cloud and clear spells, although thicker cloud and isolated showers could spread into western parts around midnight, before clearing by dawn. Minimum Temperature 11C.

Friday: Sunny spells at first, however cloud soon bubbling up, with scatted showers developing. These heavy at times, with a low risk of thunder, before clearing east during the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 23C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday: Changeable through the weekend, with periods of showers interspersed with drier, sunnier weather. Most parts drier Monday, but still variable amounts of cloud. Feeling warm when sheltered from any breeze.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 5 Jul 2022 to Thursday 14 Jul 2022: Tuesday is likely to be a dry day for many, although outbreaks of rain are possible in western areas, with strong winds in the northwest. Sunny spells most likely in the south. A good deal of dry and settled weather likely for Wednesday and Thursday, especially across the south and southwest. Some showers possible in the north, most frequently in northwest Scotland. A low risk of more organised spells of rain affecting the far north at times. This generally settled regime persists for much of the remainder of the period, although occasional spells of more organised cloud and rain may continue to affect northern parts at times. Temperatures most likely near normal at first, but gradually becoming warmer through the period - especially in the south and southwest.

UK Outlook for Friday 15 Jul 2022 to Friday 29 Jul 2022: The south is likely to see more settled conditions, while any unsettled weather will be confined mostly to the north, although may occasionally extend to the rest of the UK through the middle of July. The further we move through the period, the greater the chance of settled, dry and fine weather becoming more widespread. Temperatures are likely to trend near or above average initially and may become widely warm towards the end of the month, especially across the south.

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