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Todays Forecast

Today: Any early mist patches, or overnight cloud, soon clearing. Otherwise a fine and sunny start, but with some cloud bubbling up through the day. Staying dry with warm sunny spells and light winds. Maximum Temperature 25C.

30 day forecast

UV Index 5.4 - Sunburn in 30 to 40 minutes

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The Davis VP2 console forecast

Mostly clear and cooler


fairly cloudy-dry fairly cloudy
Currently: 22.9, Min: 6.7, Max: 23.9
Cooler:  1.0 °C than last hour.


Feels like: 23°C


(1:09 pm)
(4:55 pm)

(5:14 am)
(4:38 am)


Rain Today:0.0 mm

Rain Rate/hr:0.0 mm

Yesterday:0.0 mm

This Month:26.8 mm

Season Total:380.2 mm

6 days with rain this month 


Wind from SSE

Wind from SSE
1.8 mph

2 Bft
Light breeze

3.6 mph

Gust today:
15.0 mph at 12:55 pm


Sun†:   sunrise  04:39 sunset  21:29

Moon:  moonrise  9:55 pm moonset  3:09 am

Full Moon
100% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: Increased by:  4.0% the last hour. 63%

Dew Point:   15.5°C

Barometer: Falling 0.5  hPa /hr 1011.0 hPa

Trend: Steady

Solar Radiation

1009 W/m2 (100%)

High: 1071 @  1:51 pm

UV Index more information

Now: 5.4    Medium 

Max: 6.2 @  12:51 pm

Last updated: Jun 21 2024  2:10 pm  seconds ago 

Soil moisture and temperaturemore information

in cm
Moisture - cb    Temperature - °C
Min Max Actual Grow conditions Actual Max Min
15 36 cb 38 cb 37 cb
Irrigation desired
(26 - 61 cb)
Ideal growth
(21 - 37°C)
21°C 21°C 13°C

UV Index Forecast 

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded uv index rounded
5.8 5.7 7.8 7.6 7.1 7.1
 High   High   High   High   High   High 
UV forecast courtesy of and Copyright © KNMI/ESA ( Used with permission.   - script v3: Weerstation Leuven