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Fine and dry initially. Some thundery showers likely on Saturday.

Today: A dry but cloudy start. The cloud will slowly lift and break during the morning, followed by a fine afternoon with sunny spells for many. Feeling pleasant in the sunshine but cooler nearer the coast where the cloud will persist. Maximum Temperature 18C.

Tonight: The cloud will once again expand westwards to become widespread overnight. Turning cool under any clear spells at first but then a mild night for many under the cloud. Minimum Temperature 8C.

Wednesday: Some similar conditions on Wednesday morning, the cloud burning back towards the coast. Low cloud perhaps less extensive than Tuesday in the afternoon, with more sunshine as a result. Warmer. Maximum Temperature 23C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Cloudy on Thursday morning but dry and becoming largely sunny. A good deal of sunshine on Friday. Some showers on Saturday, potentially heavy and thundery in places. Feeling muggy.

UK Outlook for Saturday 10 Jun 2023 to Monday 19 Jun 2023: To begin the period, generally largely dry, but with some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible towards the south and southwest, potentially spreading further northeast. It will likely remain cloudy at times along northern and eastern coasts, cloud occasionally moving inland, mainly overnight. Winds mostly light or moderate with the potentially for some slightly stronger winds near southern coasts. Temperature generally warm away from cooler eastern coastal counties. Perhaps very warm for some, especially in the south. Later in the period uncertainty increases, however the risk of showers or thunderstorms continues, mainly across southern areas of the UK, with northern areas more likely to remain drier. The easterly breeze may ease at times, allowing eastern counties to see a recovery in temperatures. Temperatures generally near to above average.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 20 Jun 2023 to Tuesday 4 Jul 2023: High pressure is likely to become less dominant with time, especially in the south with low pressure likely to approach from the near Continent. Northern areas may hang on to the largely dry conditions, but southern areas will see an increased risk of occasional heavy rain or thunderstorms from time to time. Any changes will be slow though, and there will still be plenty of dry and warm, sunny weather between any rain or thunderstorms, with temperatures widely above average, perhaps significantly so.

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